Dove of the Desert United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 07, 2020


Support Dove of the Desert with SCRIP

SCRIP is a term that means “substitute money”. When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use SCRIP to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, entertainment, and other essentials, and with every purchase, you earn revenue for our church in addition to your regular giving.

Here’s how it works:

1. Retailers sell cards to Dove at a discount.
2. You buy the cards at full face value and redeem them for full face value.
3. Our church gets the difference as revenue. Each SCRIP card purchase earns a rebate for Dove.

The beauty of this program is that you put your regular household dollars to work, earning money for our church, without spending any additional money. These economic times are hard, and they have hit our church’s pocketbook, too. We have to think outside the box and find creative ways to help Dove raise money without affecting our budgets. The SCRIP program is one answer.

We have an arrangement with Fry’s and Bashas in addition to our SCRIP cards. We purchase cards at face value and sell them for face value. But when you use them, 5% of the purchase comes back to Dove in the form of a rebate. We receive checks from them twice a year. And those grocery cards are re-loadable at the store. You can add more money to your cards using your credit cards, debit, or cash instead of purchasing a new card each week. What a convenience! And we still get the 5% of whatever you spend!
Fry’s sends us a check twice a year, and the last one was over $1,700.00. Just imagine what kind of revenue we could have for our church if all of us pitched in and did that.

The SCRIP table is in the Narthex each Sunday morning. We have many cards in inventory and immediately available. If we don't have the gift card in our current inventory, you can also order a gift card and we will have it for you by the next Sunday. Check out the order form below to see all the participating retailers and service providers to choose from! Print the order form below and bring with you to the table, or fill one out at the table.

View a complete list of SCRIP retailers (pdf)

Download SCRIP Order Form (pdf)